Accounting & Assurance

How experts use data analysis to detect fraud

Data analytics is changing the way many businesses operate. It’s also changing how forensic accountants do their jobs, providing fraud experts with the means to mine massive mounds of data like never before. 3 techniques These analytical techniques are among the most efficient and effective at detecting occupational fraud: 1. Association analysis. This method can […]

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Don’t mistake kickbacks for gifts

  Kickbacks return a portion of the money exchanged in a business transaction as compensation for favorable treatment. They’re illegal in the United States and many other countries. But because kickbacks are often disguised as gifts, travel and entertainment, they can be hard to identify.     Intention of the gift-giver Gifts, gratuities or courtesies […]

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Conflicts of interest: When employees aren’t on your side

One of the governing principles of the employee/employer relationship is that employees have a fiduciary duty to act in their employer’s interests. An employee’s undisclosed conflict of interest can be a serious breach of this duty. In fact, when conflicts of interest exist, companies often suffer financial consequences. Ignorance isn’t bliss Here’s a fictional example […]

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