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Comparison of Stock Sales vs. Asset Sales

When confronted with how to best structure the sale or purchase of a company, the process is further complicated because what is good for the seller, is very seldom good for the buyer. The structure of the sale is oftentimes driven by each party’s bargaining power over the other which will affect not only the [...]

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ESOP’s as a Succession Planning Vehicle

The specialty nature of some businesses, combined with the large number of baby boomers reaching retirement age (over supply and under demand) requires that CFOs be that much more creative in their succession planning  efforts. One option in the succession planning arena can address both concerns by providing incentives for the transfer of ownership to […]

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I Think There’s Been A Fraud – What Do I Do?

For example and discussion purposes only. Each potential fraud is unique and the actions taken should be specifically designed for each occurrence. It’s the situation you never thought would happen, and now it has – you’ve just learned that cash appears to be missing under suspicious circumstances. What do you do? The first thing to […]

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