Don’t make computer and equipment theft easy

These days, many offices and other workspaces are nearly empty as employees work from home. This can make companies that don’t safeguard their computers, printers and other equipment vulnerable to theft from outsiders. Even during normal times, businesses often lose assets because crooked employees walk out with them. Here’s how to protect valuable property — […]

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Unmasking fraud during an economic downturn

Fraud tends to flourish during periods of prosperity. The reason is simple: When companies experience fast-growing revenues and rising net profits, they may lack a strong incentive to divert resources to preventing and detecting fraud. Fraud schemes can go undetected for months, even years. Furthermore, the sheer volume of legitimate transactions during thriving economic times […]

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Watch out! Organized crime has adapted just fine to COVID-19

Unlike some legitimate businesses, organized crime enterprises can be expected to weather the current COVID-19 crisis. In fact, with millions of Americans now working from home, organized crime-related cyber fraud — including phishing schemes and ransomware attacks — has grown exponentially. If you haven’t done so recently, it’s important to review and possibly upgrade your […]

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