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What do the proposed changes to the Department of Labor Overtime Exemption Regulations mean for your business?

In 2014, President Obama instructed the Department of Labor to update the rules of overtime regulations. After taking into consideration the changes that needed to be made, the Department of Labor began to construct a new rule to raise the overtime threshold. The DOL plans to release the final rule later in 2016. Under the Fair […]

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Check Your Mailbox-Another IRS Data Breach

Last month, the IRS stopped identity thieves from attempting to generate E-file PINS for stolen Social Security Numbers. The PINS are used to efile a tax return. There were 101,000 Social Security Numbers affected. The IRS will be contacting the taxpayers to tell them of the breach, and tax return identity theft markers will be […]

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The Final Steps of Estate Planning

Once the estate planning documents are printed and signed, many think the job is done. However, this is just the beginning of the next phase of estate planning. Without follow-through you may not accomplish all you set out to do. After setting the plan in place, implementation must begin. Assets may need to be retitled, […]

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