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How Well Does Your Nonprofit’s Dev & Accounting Depts Communicate?

Your accounting and development departments are central to the continued financial health of your nonprofit or not-for-profit. So what happens when communication between these two functions break down? It could result in conflict between staffers, inaccurate financial statements and, in a worst-case scenario, the forfeiture of grant funds. Here’s how you can encourage collaboration. Note […]

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Factor in fraud when selling customer invoices

If your business struggles to generate steady cash flow from operations, factoring is a possible solution. With factoring, a business sells the right to collect on customer invoices to a factoring company in exchange for an immediate payment. However, this may open the door to invoice fraud. If you have slow-paying customers, factoring accelerates the collections […]

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New revenue idea? Watch out for the commerciality doctrine

If your not-for-profit has lost financial support during the pandemic, you may be looking for ways to raise new revenue. But if your proposed solution is a side business, be careful. Even when business ventures are related to a nonprofit’s exempt purpose, they can run afoul of the commerciality doctrine — and jeopardize an organization’s […]

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