HW Healthcare Advisors

Clinical Consulting


  • SNFs, ICFs, HHAs, Hospices, Hospitals
  • ADL Documentation Review and Assessment
  • Medicare Process and Billing Review
  • MDS, RAI and IAF Training for Medicaid and Medicare
  • Pre/Post Survey Analysis
  • Interim Staffing/Crisis Management


It might seem unusual for nurses to work at an accounting firm, but at HW&Co. it makes perfect sense. Our RNs, LPNs, and LNHAs work for an accounting firm but spend a lot of their time in nursing homes, working with our clients’ clinical staffs.

Accurate billing starts with your clinical department. If your Medicaid or average Medicare rate is trending downward, we will do more than just point it out. Our clinical consulting staff can review your ADL assessment documentation processes to ensure your MDS submissions are accurate and are therefore billing for all the services you provide. We also provide training to MDS coordinators. These services can contribute to accurate reimbursement for your facility.

At its core, clinical consulting is about education and compliance. Health care providers have extensive compliance requirements, not the least of which is the annual survey. HW&Co. clinical consultants perform mock surveys, helping you identify areas needing improvement before state surveyors arrive. Similarly, once your official survey occurs, our nurses will review the results with you, helping you regain compliance when necessary.

For clinical consulting, look to HW&Co. Our experienced nurses provide educational programs, consult on MyCare Ohio, best practices, documentation review and assessment, Medicare process review, MDS, RAI and ICD-10 training, and more.

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