Our annual nonprofit seminar, The Executive’s Guide to Nonprofit Success, is going virtual this year and is FREE to attend!

We have put together sessions for everyone in your nonprofit: financial, development, leadership, and board members. We will have a new session every hour and welcome you to attend any that you find helpful. 

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Pivoting When Your Plan Blows Up
Patricia Egan, Beyond Fundraising LLC

Reacting positively to an ever-changing landscape can mean an organization’s thriving, surviving, or closing. Responding with a knee-jerk reaction can be unproductive. Understanding your organization’s plan and making adjustments is fruitful when a good plan is already in place.

Principal at Beyond Fundraising LLC, Pat has been a leader in the fundraising community for nearly 30 years. She has successfully led fundraising teams, developed strategic and integrated development plans, implemented campaigns, created infrastructure and policies, and facilitated training for board members.

Contribution Revenue Recognition: Best Practices
Dan Kaminski & Aseem Uppal, HW&Co.

The recent changes to accounting standards were meant to simplify the method for recognizing contributions. However, implementing these changes seem anything but simple. We will use specific examples to give you a better understanding of these changes. You will learn the multi-step process needed to recognize correctly contributions in your accounting system, how the recent changes will affect your organization’s financial statements. After this session, you will be able to explain these changes to board members and other non-financial persons.


Pandemic-Related Government Relief Funds
Jim Horkey & Tony LaNasa, HW&Co.

We will discuss recent updates of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and other pertinent Government relief provided to nonprofit organizations. This will include information to help understand the complex rules of these relief programs including strategies to maximum loan forgiveness related to the PPP. You will learn what Government Relief programs are available to nonprofit organizations, and the recent updates provided in these programs.



Tax Updates and Giving Trends
David Reape, HW&Co.


Grab your lunch and join us for a quick look at what’s happening in the tax world for nonprofits. We’ll look at recent tax updates and giving trends.




Tips for Nonprofits Taking the Workplace Virtual
Melanie Meyer, TechImpact & Leon Wilson, The Cleveland Foundation

The need for and the necessities of technology have been heightened since nonprofits began complying with “Stay at Home” policies as a result of COVID-19. This session will highlight ways nonprofits have leveraged technology to continue to meet the needs of those they serve. You will learn the platforms nonprofits are leveraging and how they should be thinking long-term, how nonprofits should think and talk about tech strategy, trends in requests, or grantmaking in these times of COVID-19 and, technologies that can help advance your missions.



25 Things Nonprofits Need to do Right Now to Build Donor Engagement
Carey Schmitt, Plentiful

Donor loyalty is critical to a productive development program, which is why retaining and engaging current donors should always be a priority. When COVID-19 restrictions disrupted events, activities, and other forms of outreach, donor acquisition became even more challenging and donor retention became essential. We’ll focus on 25 ways to boost donor engagement with the organization, thus building increased and sustainable donor loyalty.